About this Re-Recorded and Re-Mixed Version

This recording has been partially re-recorded, re-mixed, and re-mastered. Why?
Although there was certainly nothing overtly “wrong” with it, the original recording process became a bit rushed in the mixdown. (they always do!)
The more I listened to it, the more I believed it needed to be re-mixed, and some of the tracks re-recorded.

What was done:

The re-recording of the album involved three different procedures. First, entirely new tracks were recorded or overdubbed over some of the originals.

The second category would be the “re-amping”of the original tracks. (for instance, with microphones rather than direct to the console,
or running an original guitar track through an amplifier rather than Computer Plug-ins.)

The third is editing. Every track and sound was listened to meticulously, and edited if necessary.

1. The Drums: The recording contains all the original Drum tracks by Mike Patrum, using acoustic drums only. They have been edited and re-EQ'd.

2. Keyboard Tracks: Any sampled Organ was removed and re-recorded using microphones and a real Leslie. Many of the existing keyboard sounds were
redone with improved patches, plus there are several new overdubs.

3. Orchestral Tracks: Most of the tracks were redone with updated and improved instruments and samples.

4. Woodwind and Brass tracks: Little was done to John's Sax and Flute, apart from some minor editing and EQ. There are, however, new Brass overdubs.

5. Guitar Tracks: Contains Kerry's original Guitar tracks, re-recorded by "re-amping". There are some licks and phrases that are newly recorded.

6. Vocal Tracks: Lynn's, Jake's, and Craig's vocals were edited and EQ'ed.

7. Bass Tracks: All of Craig's tracks are from the original, although several were re-amped and re-EQ'd.

Conceptually, I sought to recreate this album with a more "organic and analog" feel, and a superior mix. We hope you enjoy this new version of “Forth.”

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